My Story

Robert Tiberio

Some individuals (craftsman, artisans, etc) produce what I call Passion Products. They create one of a kind or limited editions. They use many natural substances as well as manmade ones to create Bows, Fly Rods, Canoes, etc. I like to think of what I do as creating from wool. I have made patterns from the past as well as new ones reminiscent of the past come to life. To put it more simply, I DO WOOL!


The creation of Classic Sportsman has been a passion of mine for many years. Now it’s a reality! Producing woolen clothing has been like a trip back in time for me. As a young man wool was the clothing of choice. Whether it was a solid or a plaid, your shirt, jacket and hat were always made of wool. My most vivid and precious childhood memories are of my father wearing his red and black Buffalo Plaid jacket whether he was deer hunting, running the dogs, or just shoveling snow.


As I grew older new fabrics and patterns were always being marketed. Pattern after pattern would appear with its promises of making you vanish into a woodsy background and material after material would arrive with great promises of warmth, dryness, and comfort. Woolen clothes had taken a back seat in stores to all these so called modern marvels. I started wearing my father’s old Buffalo Plaid jacket and it was as good as the first day he wore it. I knew that I had always been warm, dry, comfortable and even invisible in my wool.


I came to realize that there was a need for, sturdy woolen outerwear in patterns that blend with the landscapes, and garments that could pass the test of time and be handed down from generation to generation. I wanted woolen garments that would make me look good and feel comfortable whether I was down on the lower 40 or Downtown!


I spent a great deal of time choosing the blends of colors for these plaids. Some are a nostalgic Buffalo Plaid but with a unique twist of color. I also spent time experimenting with different weights of wool before I choose a dense 20-22 oz. weight for my jackets that was just right for layering and 12oz weight for my shirts. I am also proud to say that these woolens are made, and the jackets and hats are sewn, here in the United States. When you buy these garments you are truly supporting the United States work force.


I love the outdoors, and I know the need for warm, comfortable, and breathable clothing that allows me to enjoy being outside all the more. Classic Sportsman Woolen garments are the answer to perfect outdoor wear for any outdoorsman. I am now pleased to launch the first in my series of fine wool clothing, Classic Jackets, Hats, Vests, Shirts, and Accessories.


I will say that this has been the most challenging undertaking of my life, but seeing these garments come to life, and being able to do it all within the United States has also made this my most rewarding experience.


 I hope as you browse through the web site you too will come to appreciate these garments and accessories as I do, and perhaps the past will be in your future too!


Rob Tiberio - Owner and Creator of Classic Sportsman



A Special Thank You.

I want to thank Gary Logsdon of Gary Logsdon Studios, photographer and graphic artist, for his creativity as well as his patience and understanding in helping to make Classic Sportsman a reality.  Without him this would not have been possible. Thanks Gary!